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Florida Divorce Decree Modification, Visitation and Relocation

At Sperling Ducker in Winter Park, Florida, our firm is dedicated to helping our family law clients deal with a variety of issues that arise. In addition to handling the initial pursuit of the divorce decree, child support order or child custody designation, we also represent the interests of men and women in modification, visitation and relocation matters.

The need for a support or custody modification can arise in many different situations and the specific legal questions involved will depend on the circumstances in your individual case. Because returning to court to either seek or challenge a modification of an existing order can be expensive and time-consuming, our office seeks to achieve fair and favorable results in the most efficient and amicable manner possible. Contact our Winter Park divorce modification attorneys today and schedule a flat-rate consultation with a member of our legal team.


While a court order may be appropriate at the time it is issued, many things can change over the next few years while the order is still in effect. For example, the following events may result in one parent or ex-spouse petitioning for a custody or support modification:

  • Changes in the schedule of a parent or child;
  • Loss of a job or substantial decrease in income;
  • Disability or severe illness;
  • Obtaining a better position with significantly greater income;
  • An increase in the expenses for the child;

If you experience a sudden change in circumstances, you may be tempted to simply change a schedule or to change the amount you pay. However, failing to completely abide by a court order can have serious consequences, including being held in contempt of court, fines, and even jail time in some situations. For this reason, taking matters into your own hands can be a big mistake and can even affect your future chances at obtaining a modified order, as the court will likely frown upon such actions. Instead, if you believe you need part of an order to be modified, you should call an experienced Florida custody and support attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options.

To secure the modification of a court-established order, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. Our firm is able to help you pursue the modification of a divorce decree, child support, child custody, alimony (spousal support) or any other order that has been created. If you receive a petition for modification, we will work with the other parties to ensure the best result for the family through negotiation or, if necessary, litigation.

Just like the initial order, whether to modify an order can be decided in many ways. First, if you and your spouse can agree on the change–such as a change in visitation schedule–the court will simply have to review it and approve it and you can limit your costs and troubles. Our team works to help you and the other party cooperate and agree on the terms of a modification whenever it is possible. We have many tools to use including collaborative law and mediation that can be used to resolve your dispute regarding your modification. To learn more about how we can help, please call today to discuss your situation.


A parent that does not have custody is still entitled to visitation rights. Our firm assists individuals in establishing visitation rights or enforcing those rights. The other parent of your child does not have the right to personally withhold visitation rights without permission from the courts, even if you are behind on child support. Instead, they must go through the proper channels to modify a visitation schedule. You may also look to the courts to enforce your visitation order.

We can also help parents that are seeking to have visitation rights limited or rescinded, due to specific circumstances in which the children’s best interests are not being served. Taking timely action to modify a visitation order under these circumstances can be necessary to ensure the safety of your children and we can help you find solutions.


Once an order for child custody has been created by the courts, the specifics of this order are firmly established and set unless there is an extreme change in circumstances of one of the parents. One of these types of changes is the relocation of a parent out-of-state. When a parent wants to move out-of-state with a child, the child relocation must be in the child’s best interests and be approved by the courts in order to obtain a modification to the current custody order. Relocation is sometimes also called removal or move away. Whether you want to move away with your child or you want to fight to keep your child near you, you should discuss your options with an experienced relocation and modification attorney as soon as you can.

Contact a Skilled Winter Park Divorce Modification Attorney For Help Today

To learn more about divorce decree or order modification, visitation or relocation matters, get in touch with an Winter Park Divorce Modification Attorney at our firm by telephone at 407.645.3297 or by submitting the intake form on our Contact Us page.

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