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What is FERPA?

Individual Education Plans – Developmental Disabilities

When you have a child, you likely want the best opportunities possible for them as they grow up. However, you can face challenges if your child is diagnosed with any type of developmental disability. Whether a disability is apparent or not, children may not receive all of the help they need and deserve to reach their full potential while in school. Fortunately, certain laws are in place in Florida and throughout the United States to protect the rights of all children and ensure they receive the special education services and assistance they need.

Navigating the special education system can be complex with many hurdles between you and the services your child requires. If you are facing challenges at your child’s school involving special education, your first call should be to an experienced Winter Park special education attorney for assistance.

Assisting in Accurate Educational Placing

At Sperling Ducker we help children maximize their education. We have helped numerous children with developmental disabilities reach their highest academic potential. Children diagnosed with autism, a mental disability or other disabilities may have other talents that we are able to help keep a focus on throughout their schooling.

The law gives children with disabilities the right to have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The parents meet with school professionals, who evaluate the child’s needs and design a specialized plan based on the services the child requires to accommodate their disability. The plan is memorialized in a written statement and then reevaluated on a regular basis and updated if necessary. Services may include technological assistance in the classroom, professional shadows, or even placement in a special class in which they can receive individualized attention.

While an IEP can be extremely helpful for a child, not every IEP covers all of the bases for a particular student. If the evaluation of teachers and school staff is not adequate, your child may not receive all of the necessary services for them to thrive at school. In addition, IEP meetings can be extremely stressful for parents, especially parents who may be unfamiliar with the special education process. For these reasons and more, you should consider having an experienced attorney present at IEP meetings to advocate on behalf of your child. Furthermore, if you have received an IEP that you believe provides insufficient services, we can help you appeal for better, more comprehensive services and assistance.

We have experience helping children overcome bullying at school through applying slander or libel lawsuits — in appropriate cases. Litigation is not always the first solution for bullying or similar situations in school and we can help you find other solutions to work with teachers, administrators, and other parents to ensure your child is treated with respect. If these solutions do not result in a satisfactory response from the school or parents, we can pursue legal action on behalf of you and your child. Children are a precious resource and only have one chance to obtain their education. How they are treated at school by peers, teachers and administrators can have lifelong effects. When children need assistance available at school, it is imperative they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled.

Florida Special Education Lawyer

We have found that many parents will attend a school meeting and be overwhelmed with all the people involved, as well as all the information and resources. It is not uncommon for parents to be asked to sign a waiver of notice while the meeting is ongoing, waiving important rights without so much as the opportunity to inquire as to the important educational aspects to which their children may be entitled. As Winter Park education attorneys, we offer assistance and guidance for families looking to incorporate individual education plans for their children. We will review all paperwork before you sign anything to ensure you are not unknowingly waiving any important rights for your child. We can help narrow down a specific education plan that will benefit your children’s learning process. The plan should be as comprehensive as possible to ensure maximum success for your child.

Overcoming Educators’ Expectations

It is not uncommon for educators to diagnose their students. Sometimes these diagnoses can label and hinder the children from reaching their full potential. With the proper teaching method and resources, children can exceed educators’ low expectations. Children diagnosed with a form of autism may have special skills and talents that go unnoticed without proper evaluation by the school system.

Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Aspergers Syndrome, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, ADHD, ADD, can seem overwhelming when linked to your child. There are steps that can put your child on the right path to a college education or on the wrong path can set your child up for a lifetime of failure. Children must be protected and represented in the process of education.

Children with a writing difficulty may instead be talented typists. Will the school provide a laptop computer? Possibly, if you ask the right questions. As your Winter Park, Florida, education attorneys, we can help ease the barrier between the teachers and parents, allowing communication and helping the children advance in their academic skills.

Contact an Winter Park Special Education Attorney

There are a number of legal issues that may arise involving a child with disabilities and their education. At Sperling Ducker we fight for your child’s rights to the best opportunities possible at school. We have a thorough understanding of all relevant special education laws and will serve as compassionate advocates for you and your child. If you are seeking legal representation, contact a Winter Park special education attorney today. Call us at 407.645.3297 or contact us online.

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