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Does a court have to decide our parenting time schedule, or can the other parent and I make the schedule ourselves?

What is a parenting plan?

What should I bring when I meet with the divorce attorney? 

Winter Park Family Law Attorney

A divorce or a legal separation can be an emotionally draining experience. It is emotionally wounding when someone leaves you. In addition, separation and divorce can disrupt almost every aspect of your life, including your finances, where you live, your friends and extended family, and–perhaps most importantly–your relationship with your children. When divorce occurs, it is natural to feel helpless and upset that your life has been turned upside-down.

At Sperling Ducker our Winter Park fathers’ & mothers’ rights attorneys work on resurrecting dignity and acknowledging that something was done wrong. Many times simply being able to express your thoughts and feelings to the judge can help heal. Sometimes, Mediation will allow you to vent your frustrations, and then work to a mutual compromise. Holding on to anger can often breed contention, which can drag out the divorce process, increase stress, and significantly increase the cost of divorce. For this reason, we address how you are feeling to better facilitate an agreeable resolution.

Communication and Child Custody: Florida Paternity Lawyer

In our experience in handling divorce, as well as child custody cases, we have found that communication between the parents is an essential part of the solution. As legal counselors, we work toward establishing improved communication between the two parents and acknowledging the issues that have frustrated past interactions and communications. We strive to implement positive changes to communications modes and style to facilitate better involvement in the decision making process.

We try to create an environment where a spouse is able to say “I’m sorry” to the other.

In these cases, we help parents communicate with each other, and their children, making the transition easier for all parties and allowing for the children to have full and equal access and time with each parent.

Winter Park Fathers’ Rights Attorney

Many fathers fear that the family court will automatically favor the mother when making a custody determination and that they will lose a significant amount of contact with their children. However, a preference for the mother is an antiquated assumption and the law in Florida has been updated to encourage courts to grant equal or joint parenting rights whenever possible. This can include both spending time with your child and having the authority to make important decisions regarding your child’s upbringing. Our office fights for the rights of fathers to have the opportunity to continue to foster a meaningful relationship with their child.

Winter Park Mother’s Rights

Just like fathers, mothers also have parental rights and responsibilities under the law. While shared custody is preferred in Florida, there may be situations in which you fear for your child’s safety or wellbeing if there is significant time-sharing. We can use certain tools to help protect your child including limited overnight visits or even supervised visitation if it is necessary to keep your child safe.

In addition, you and your child’s father may agree on a parenting arrangement that is out of the ordinary based on certain factors in your or your child’s life. Even if an arrangement works for you, the court still has to approve the parenting plan before it can be finalized. We can help you demonstrate that a particular parenting plan is in the best interests of your child so that you can have an arrangement that is beneficial for everyone involved.

At Sperling Ducker we help our clients with their parenting rights. If our client is a divorced or unwed father or mother, we can ensure that the proper steps involving child custody and child support are taken. We have handled cases involving a parent leaving home and starting a new life and helped both parents with their rights to see their children. We have experience handling cases where both parents are still living at home, while filing for divorce, and can help with the necessary steps involved in the process. Separating a household into two equal parts is not easy, but is possible with the right representation and advice.

Furthermore, you may come to a parenting agreement that worked at the time of the divorce or breakup but that no longer is convenient or practical due to changing factors in your life. In such situations, we can represent mothers or fathers in seeking a modification of the parenting agreement to better suit their current circumstances. Just as it is important to facilitate agreement when determining the initial parenting rights, it is just as important to cooperate when deciding how to modify a parenting plan. Our office uses every tool possible to encourage parents to work together to keep a positive situation for their child and for themselves.

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Many different legal cases can arise that involve the rights and responsibilities of fathers and mothers. No matter what type of case you are facing, Sperling Ducker will stand up for your rights and strive for the best resolution possible. We have extensive experience handling a wide variety of cases involving divorce, paternity, and children. If you are seeking legal representation, contact an Winter Park fathers’ and mothers’ rights attorney today. Call us at 407.645.3297 or contact us online.

Struggling with child custody or a divorce? Not sure how to plan for you or a loved one’s elder care? If you are seeking legal representation contact Sperling Ducker PLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Call us at 407-645-3297 or send us a send us a message. Visit our Winter Park and Orlando office. Sperling Ducker serves Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Garden, Winter Park and Winter Springs and surrounding areas.

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