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Meeting the Financial Needs of Your Child

The term “child support” often comes with negative connotations–for example, a parent may complain about having to pay it or about not receiving enough of it. However, child support is a critical matter in legal cases involving children and is often necessary to ensure that a child’s needs are adequately met. Every parent has the legal responsibility to support their child whether or not the child lives with them full-time. Therefore, courts take child support determinations very seriously to ensure that every parent properly meets this duty.

At Sperling Ducker we realize that child support is imperative in child custody cases. It can be difficult and tricky to assess what to expect in terms of child support. Issues like differing incomes, lifestyles, and declared income can be a complicated case to resolve financially. If you are facing a divorce and need information about calculating child support, or modifying an existing child support case, our Winter Park child support attorneys can help.

Child Support: Mathematical Formula

Child support determinations are not arbitrary and Florida law gives courts little discretion in deciding how much child support is warranted in a particular case. Instead, the law sets out a particular mathematical formula that can take into consideration many different factors including the income of each parent and expenses of the child. The formula tries to decide how much the parents would have contributed to the child if they remained together and then apportions that amount between the parents based on their relative income.

As with most cases involving financial calculations and planning, our method of calculating child support is based on the parents income. We have a thorough understanding of the legal guidelines that play a part in calculating child support and will strive for the best possible solution. If you are facing paying child support for your children and are unsure how much money will be involved, we can help. Contact our office today.

Winter Park Florida Child Support Attorney

While the formula for child support under Florida law is relatively straightforward, not all child support cases are resolved simply. In fact, many different complications may arise in a child support case. An experienced child support lawyer will understand how to handle complexities and to ensure they do not result in an unfair child support order. Some issues that may delay or complicate a child support case include the following:

  • A parent is unemployed or unable to work;
  • A parent fails to declare all of their income;
  • A parent is purposely unemployed or underemployed to try to avoid paying support;
  • One or both parents spend money well beyond their means;
  • The child has many additional expenses due to special needs;

In such situations, the court may require additional evidence to make a child support decision.

As experienced Winter Park child support attorneys, we can help you decide on an amount that provides for your children and meets their needs. We’ve handled cases where only one parent is employed, as well as cases where both parents live a lifestyle far above their financial means. Our Winter Park child support enforcement lawyers can help you realize that providing child support is about providing for the child’s needs on a daily basis. Whatever the financial situation is, it is imperative that the parents support their children.

Child Support Modifications In Florida

Receiving a child support order does not necessarily mean that you are finished with your case. In fact, child support cases can be reopened until your child is 18 if one or both parents seek a modification of the order. Orders can be modified if a parent experiences a substantial change in circumstances that warrant an adjustment of the child support amount. Some events that may warrant a modification include:

  • A parent loses their job or becomes disabled;
  • A parent gets a job with substantially higher income;
  • A parent gets remarried;
  • The child’s expenses significantly increase.

We can represent you through every stage of your child support case, including any modifications. Whether you require a modification or are challenging the other parent’s request for a modification, we can help you.

Contact Our Winter Park Child Support Attorneys Today

If your case involves child support, you should always be represented by an experienced lawyer who has thorough understanding of Florida child support law. At Sperling Ducker we have helped many clients receive child support determinations that are fair and appropriate for them and their child. If you are seeking legal representation regarding child support, contact an Winter Park child support attorney today. Call us at 407.645.3297 or contact us online.

Struggling with child custody or a divorce? Not sure how to plan for you or a loved one’s elder care? If you are seeking legal representation contact Sperling Ducker PLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Call us at 407-645-3297 or send us a send us a message. Visit our Winter Park and Orlando office. Sperling Ducker serves Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Garden, Winter Park and Winter Springs and surrounding areas.

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