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Do children have to pay for a parent to be in a nursing home?

If my mother or father is not able to handle her or his own financial matters, what can I do?

What is a guardianship or conservatorship?

Orlando & Winter Park Adult Guardianship

Guardianship is an extremely important legal tool that gives a family member or another trusted individual the authority to take over decision-making for a person who has lost the capacity to so due to an illness or injury. Simply because a person becomes ill or injured does not mean that their affairs stop. Instead, bills still have to be paid, investments must be managed, and businesses must continue to operate. In addition, it is important that medical professionals have guidance regarding what type of care to administer to the incapacitated individual. A guardian can fill these roles and step in to manage these responsibilities. Contact our experienced Winter Park adult guardianship & conservatorship attorney.

At Sperling Ducker in Winter Park, Florida, we have a command of the Florida adult guardianship process that can only come from years of experience representing clients on all sides of the adult guardianship process. We have successfully helped clients with the following:

  • Establishing an adult guardianship
  • Fighting the establishment of an adult guardianship
  • Contesting a decision made by an adult guardian regarding the ward

Florida’s adult guardianship laws are complex, and the process can be overwhelming without advice from an experienced law firm like ours, where we pride ourselves on giving straightforward advice and effectively pursuing our clients’ goals. Please contact us today for an appointment with a lawyer who can answer your adult guardianship questions.

Helping With A Variety of Guardian Cases

Not every guardianship is the same, as a variety of individuals face different challenges that may require assistance from someone in a guardian role. Our office handles several different types of guardian cases, including the following:

  • Guardianships and Conservatorships — These generally apply to cases in which an individual is suffering from dementia or another mental disorder or who is in a coma and cannot make any decisions for themselves.
  • Guardian Advocates — This type of guardianship applies to individuals with developmental disabilities that need daily assistance with various tasks.
  • Guardian Ad Litem — This provides representation and a voice for the needs of children who are involved in custody or other court cases.

We are familiar with the laws surrounding all of these types of guardianships and can provide compassionate representation in your case.

We offer our clients more than a command of the legal details of the adult guardianship process. From our years of experience, we understand the stress and trauma involved for all parties when someone else wants to take control of the medical and financial affairs of a person who is used to independent living. We treat our clients with respect and compassion, whether they are:

  • Elderly or disabled people who want a voluntary adult guardianship because they are mentally competent but cannot manage their affairs
  • Elderly or disabled adults who are the subject of an involuntary adult guardianship proceeding and want to fight being designated mentally incapacitated
  • Adult children who want to apply for an adult guardianship because they believe their parent is mentally incapacitated due to onset of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or other mentally incapacitating illness or disease
  • Close relatives who want to fight the adult guardianship process on behalf of an elderly or disabled relative
  • The mentally competent spouses of elderly or disabled adults who want to protect the assets of the marriage by becoming their spouse’s guardian

We strive to meet the specific needs of each individual client in every guardianship case.

Providing Assistance Throughout Your Guardian Case

In order to obtain a guardianship, you must receive approval from the courts and courts will only grant a guardianship if they find the individual is incapacitated. This is a specific legal showing and often involves evidence from doctors and other medical experts.

Different issues can arise in guardian cases, each of which must be individually addressed and resolved. For example, you may believe that your family member has lost the capacity to make their own decisions, though they may try to fight against the guardianship. In addition, other family members may disagree with the need for a guardianship or may challenge the choice of guardian. Such cases can become extremely contentious if the dispute is not handled correctly.

In addition, once a guardianship is in place, you may disagree with the actions of a guardian of your loved one, another family member may disagree with your actions as guardian, or a ward may disagree with the actions of their own guardian. All of these conflicts commonly make their way into court and you should have skilled legal representation no matter what your role in the dispute may be.

At Sperling Ducker we provide assistance to many individuals of all ages in guardianship cases and have successfully represented the rights of both wards and guardians in many different scenarios.

Consult With A Winter Park Guardianship Attorney Today

The adult guardianship process can be frightening for all parties. Professional advice from a responsible attorney can make all the difference in the world. If you are considering an adult guardianship or are involved in a proceeding, please contact us today for a flat-rate consultation with an Orlando adult guardianship and conservatorship attorney, either at our offices or the location of your choice. We can be reached by telephone at (407) 645-3297 or by submitting the intake form.

Struggling with child custody or a divorce? Not sure how to plan for you or a loved one’s elder care? If you are seeking legal representation contact Sperling Ducker PLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Call us at 407-645-3297 or send us a send us a message. Visit our Winter Park and Orlando office. Sperling Ducker serves Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Garden, Winter Park and Winter Springs and surrounding areas.

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