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Alimony Attorney

Meshing Different Parenting Styles After your Second Marriage

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

When you marry another parent, combining your households can be a struggle. We have all seen The Brady Bunch, and we all know that transitioning into a blended family is never as easy as television makes it seem. Adjusting to life in a blended household can be challenging for every member of the family,… Read More »

Child Support Attorney

Mothers’ Rights versus Fathers’ Rights

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Many divorcing parents believe that the mother will receive a larger share of the child’s custodial time in their divorce. This was once the case – a combination of the tender years doctrine present in many states and traditional gender roles in the 20th century typically led to custody orders that granted mothers full… Read More »

Family Attorney

Stepparent Adoptions

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Adoption is one of the many areas covered by family law. Some couples adopt children from relatives, the foster system, strangers matched with them via adoption agencies, or adoption agencies located overseas to become parents and expand their families. Another common type of adoption is known as a stepparent adoption. A stepparent adoption is… Read More »

Fathers’ & Mothers' Rights Attorney

Overcoming Bias Against your Gender in Timesharing Determinations

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Although your gender is not permitted to play a role in determining your share of your child’s parenting time following your divorce, bias exists and can work against men seeking equal or full custody of their children. Many men assume that they will not be given their fair share of parenting time with their… Read More »

Divorce Attorney

Does Divorce Affect Men and Women Differently?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

You have probably heard the old adage, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” Although individuals of both sexes have much greater freedom to deviate from gender norms than they had in previous decades, gender still plays a role in how many individuals move through the events of their lives, particularly those related… Read More »

What is Parental Alienation?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

In an ideal world, couples who realize their marriages cannot be saved would divorce amicably, working together to develop timesharing arrangements that allow them both to maintain quality relationships with their children and continue to co-parent effectively in the years that follow. But we do not live in an ideal world, we live in… Read More »

Reasons to Establish a Guardianship for a Loved One

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Guardianships are a way to protect adult loved ones from harming themselves physically or exposing themselves to exploitation due to their mental incapacity. When an individual establishes a guardianship for his or her loved one, he or she becomes completely responsible for the loved one. A guardian’s job is to make decisions on his… Read More »

Financial Control as a Form of Domestic Violence

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Domestic violence comes in many forms. Although it can be blatantly obvious physical or emotional abuse, it can also take less obvious forms. Domestic violence is about controlling a partner’s behavior. Whether an individual’s behavior is controlled through the fear of physical harm, a demolished sense of self worth, or through direct financial control,… Read More »

Can I Move Out of Florida with my Child?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

After a divorce, it is not uncommon to want to “start fresh” on the next chapter of your life by relocating to a new city or state. You might also feel pulled to relocate due to a job opportunity, a new relationship, or a familial obligation. Whatever your reason for wanting to move out… Read More »

How May my Former Spouse Spend the Child Support I Pay?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

When a couple with children divorces, the court determines an appropriate time sharing schedule for the couple and their children. The court may also determine a child support agreement, which is money paid from one parent to the other, typically the parent who has more time with the couple’s children, to help cover the… Read More »

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