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Reasons to Establish a Guardianship for a Loved One

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Guardianships are a way to protect adult loved ones from harming themselves physically or exposing themselves to exploitation due to their mental incapacity. When an individual establishes a guardianship for his or her loved one, he or she becomes completely responsible for the loved one. A guardian’s job is to make decisions on his… Read More »

Special Concerns in High Net Worth Divorces

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

The Securities Exchange Commission has a concrete definition of a high net worth individual: any individual who, either on his or her own or with his or her spouse, has a net worth that exceeds $1,000,000 in liquid assets, an individual whose income exceeded $200,000 for the past two years and can reasonably expect… Read More »

The Professionals you Might Meet During your Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

During the divorce process, you will likely meet many professionals. The professionals you meet depend on the circumstances of your divorce and the demands that accompany them, such as the need to appraise a small business or a rental property. Couples who choose collaborative divorces often have fewer interactions with outside professionals than those… Read More »

An Overview of The Collaborative Divorce Process

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Divorce is not a “one size fits all” subject. Not all divorces are completed in courtrooms and of those that are not, there are multiple ways to reach a mutually-satisfying resolution for the couple. Two methods of alternative dispute resolution that divorcing couples often choose to complete their divorces are collaborative divorce and mediation…. Read More »

Is my Prenuptial Agreement Valid?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

It is not uncommon for engaged couples to sign prenuptial agreements before they marry. This is an especially popular, and pragmatic, choice for individuals who are business owners, have significant assets, or those who have children from previous relationships. A prenuptial agreement does not signify that a couple does not have faith in their… Read More »

How is a Collaborative Divorce Different from Divorcing through Mediation?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

If you are considering a divorce, you probably know that there are a few ways to complete the process. You can complete your divorce through litigation, which means bringing your case to the courtroom to have it decided by a judge. You can also complete it through one of two methods of alternative dispute… Read More »

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