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Guardian Ad Litem Attorney | Orlando

When a family goes through a difficult divorce, the children’s wishes and opinions are often put on the back burner. This is unfair and sets the children out on a bad foot for their new life, and our attorneys are here to help solve this problem. A Guardian Ad Litem attorney at Sperling Ducker PLC incorporates the guardian ad litem role to give children a voice in court. To accomplish this, the guardian ad litem, which is an appointed position, speaks directly to the court on the child’s behalf. It is the duty of the guardian ad litem to inform the court about the child’s wishes, feelings, and to mediate on behalf of the child.

Guardian for Child During Divorce in Florida

Child custody disputes are one of the most heated aspects of a divorce involving children. Custody issues are decided based on the child’s best interests, meaning that if the court is tasked with making this decision, it will choose the parenting plan that sets the child up for the greatest success in their life. Factors include the health of each parent, their parenting skills, and their ability to put their child’s interests above their own. Sometimes, the child is given a say in this decision as well. According to Florida statute 61.13, one of these determining factors is “The reasonable preference of the child, if the court deems the child to be of sufficient intelligence, understanding, and experience to express a preference.” It can certainly be argued that the child will know what their preferences are, and therefore where their best interests lay. Our attorneys can help give children a voice and a say in their future. With over 100 children represented in dissolution cases, divorce cases, and parental rights cases, we have the experience to help your child realize their hopes and dreams in regards to their future living situation.

The Guardian Ad Litem’s Roles

According to Florida statute 61.403, the guardian ad litem “shall act as next friend of the child, investigator or evaluator, not as attorney or advocate but shall act in the child’s best interest.” This means that the guardian ad litem works with the child to ensure they are accurately represented. The roles of the guardian ad litem include:

● Providing insight about the family dynamic;
● Informing the court about the child’s best interests;
● Assisting the court in obtaining impartial expert examinations;
● Address the court and make written statements; and
● Much more.

Orlando Guardian Ad Litem Attorneys

The Orlando attorneys of Sperling Ducker PLC serve as independent investigators helping to reveal the child’s best interests, in addition to serving as professional legal counsel. We strive to resolve conflicts through mediation and compromise, rather than risking a lengthy court hearing in which a stranger has the last say about your children’s new living situation. We encourage you to reach out to Sperling Ducker PLC today.

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