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How Will my Medical Marijuana Use Affect my Parenting Plan?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

In Florida, more than 50,000 people use medical marijuana to manage their chronic pain and severe illnesses like AIDs and Parkinson’s. Despite the continued trend of relaxing attitudes toward marijuana use sweeping the United States, many are still opposed to its use and legalization for medical and recreational purposes. If you are a medical… Read More »


Meshing Different Parenting Styles After your Second Marriage

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

When you marry another parent, combining your households can be a struggle. We have all seen The Brady Bunch, and we all know that transitioning into a blended family is never as easy as television makes it seem. Adjusting to life in a blended household can be challenging for every member of the family,… Read More »


Mothers’ Rights versus Fathers’ Rights

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Many divorcing parents believe that the mother will receive a larger share of the child’s custodial time in their divorce. This was once the case – a combination of the tender years doctrine present in many states and traditional gender roles in the 20th century typically led to custody orders that granted mothers full… Read More »


Stepparent Adoptions

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Adoption is one of the many areas covered by family law. Some couples adopt children from relatives, the foster system, strangers matched with them via adoption agencies, or adoption agencies located overseas to become parents and expand their families. Another common type of adoption is known as a stepparent adoption. A stepparent adoption is… Read More »


How Long Does the Divorce Process Take?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

There is no “one size fits all” answer to this question. Like many other questions surrounding divorce, the answer is “it depends.” How long it will take you to complete your divorce depends largely on the type of divorce you choose and the issues at hand to be determined. Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce An… Read More »


Can We Collaborate on Part of Our Divorce and Litigate Other Parts?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

A collaborative divorce is an attractive option for many couples. With a collaborative divorce, the spouses work together to create the terms of their divorce settlement, then submit this settlement to the court to be finalized. It minimizes tension, conflict, and the expenses both partners face to complete their divorce. The lack of court… Read More »


Divorce for the Self-Employed Worker

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

When a couple divorces, they must divide their assets according to the doctrine of equitable distribution. When a couple divorces in court, the court determines an appropriate way to divide their assets. Couples who choose collaborative divorce have more control over how their assets are divided, but often follow equitable distribution guidelines at the… Read More »


Life After your Divorce is Finalized

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

When you are caught up in the process of ending your marriage, it can be difficult to think about what life will be like once it is all over. But life after your divorce will be a long stage in your life – you will never again be a person who has not been… Read More »


Ways Business Owners can Benefit from Collaborative Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

If you established your small business after you were married or it grew considerably in value during the marriage, it is subject to equitable division alongside your other marital assets during your divorce unless you specified in a prenuptial agreement that the business is a piece of separate property. By choosing to divorce through… Read More »


Specific Ways Divorcing Parents can Benefit from Collaborative Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

After doing some research on alternative dispute resolution methods for your divorce like mediation and collaborative divorce, you will probably weigh the pros and cons of each type of divorce to determine which is the ideal choice for you and your spouse. If you are a parent, it is important to consider how each… Read More »

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