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Any legal issue regarding family members can easily become emotional and contentious. Many family members in legal disputes believe that one side must “win” and the other must “lose.” However, there are many ways to reach a resolution to your dispute that is favorable for everyone involved. Seeking the most amicable resolution possible may not only you save you time, stress, and money. It can also work to preserve family relationships whenever possible.

At Sperling Ducker we look for solutions that help everyone rather than just one side of the issue. Orlando family attorneys, Sperling Ducker, offer experienced legal counsel and advice. Our firm covers a wide range of family law cases. We provide pragmatic, problem-solving methods to resolve various cases. Cases include elder law, adult guardianships, divorce, as well as fathers’ and mothers’ rights. If you are facing any type of family law matter, please call to discuss how we can help you as soon as possible.

Family Legal Solutions That Help

When you think of family law, you likely first think of divorce cases. While divorces are a common issues handled by the Florida family courts. There are many other types of legal disputes that may arise regarding your spouse, children, parents, or another family member. Experienced family law attorneys Sperling Ducker regularly handle family-related cases involving the following:

Some of the most important milestones in our lives tend to involve romantic partners, spouses, and children. Because of the importance of these relationships, any legal matter involving your immediate family can be stressful. It can have a lasting impact on your life. Because of the significance of family law matters, we handle every case with care and always work for the best possible result for you and your family. Contact our Orlando family law attorneys today, we can help.

Orlando Divorce Attorney

If you are facing a divorce we can help. You’ll need advice in deciding the best alternatives for you and your family members. Divorces can be complicated and can involve many different filings and documents. These must be completely accurate and done in a timely manner to ensure the best result in your case. In addition to the paperwork, the court will require that divorcing spouses settle a wide array of issues before their marriage can legally be dissolved. Specifically, spouses will be expected to address the following and more:

  • Equitable division of property and debts;
  • Child time-sharing arrangements;
  • Parenting plans;
  • Spousal support;
  • Child support.

It should not be surprising that spouses in the midst of a divorce often have difficulty agreeing on many issues. However, it is generally in your best interest to work together for a mutually beneficial agreement. Our law firm can help you engage in mediation and negotiation to try to come to a favorable solution outside of the courtroom. If you cannot agree on a certain issue, you will have to present evidence to support your arguments in court.  The judge will ultimately decide how the matter should be settled. Taking an issue to court may not only be costly, but can also lead to a result that is not particularly satisfying to anyone. For this reason and more, we always try to reach the most efficient and beneficial resolution for issues in a divorce case. If that is not possible, however, we will not hesitate to represent your best interests in court.

We further understand that the best interests of children should always be a primary concern in a divorce or child custody case. We also provide guardian ad litem services. This is for situations where a child needs a neutral voice to communicate his or her best interests to his or her parents, or to the court. Contact our Orlando divorce attorneys for more information and assistance.

Experienced Orlando Elder Law Attorney

Deciding to seek a guardianship is never an easy choice. Different members of the family may have different opinions regarding this important legal step. If you are the child of a parent with a disability, we can help you and your parent make the best decisions for his or her well-being. We will handle the legal side of the guardianship or guardianship advocacy. You focus on providing the care your loved one needs. Let our experienced Orlando elder law attorneys assist you.

As adults age, they often have different needs and face different struggles than they did when they were younger. Fortunately, there are many legal protections that can be put in place to protect the rights and welfare of elderly adults in Florida. Some common concerns include paying for healthcare, making financial decisions, having access to grandchildren, and ensuring that they will be properly cared for should they become seriously ill. Our Orlando elder law attorneys arecommitted to protecting the rights of elderly adults.  We will ensure that they utilize all of the legal tools possible for their well being as they continue to age. Please feel free to visit the following pages for more information regarding our elder law services.

In addition, we understand that parents or other adults who are incapacitated still have important legal rights that should be protected. We offer professional and compassionate guardianships to individuals with developmental disabilities.  We will ensure they get the best care possible and that their rights are fully protected.


Adults reach an age where it they are unable to make important decisions on their own regarding medical care, finances, or other matters. It may be necessary to seek the legal authority to make decisions on their behalf. Guardianships and Guardian Advocates play an important role in caring for incapacitated or developmentally disabled individuals. However, these legals tools should not be abused and we also protect the rights of the adults who cannot protect themselves. In addition, our firm can provide assistance to children who need advocacy to the courts and their parents. The following are some examples of our legal services related to guardianships:

Our Orlando Family & Divorce Attorneys Solve Potential Problems

As Orlando family law attorneys, we focus on the larger issue. Thereby allowing the smaller issues to fix themselves. In our legal experience, we have found that if you settle a large issue first, the small issues can solve themselves. Problems that arise typically relate to an earlier situation. If you don’t plan ahead, and ignore some situations, there can be more problems that arise as a result. We provide very attentive responses to our clients’ needs. Our motto as a law firm is to pinpoint potential problems and resolve them before they come up.

When you contact Sperling Ducker, you can trust that you will receive personal attention and individualized service. We truly care about the well being of every client. This is essential when a matter involves your family relationships. We can handle your case. Sperling Ducker handles everything. We handle divorce, child custody or support, caring for an elderly parent, or any other family-related legal issue. We have the resources to help you obtain a favorable result while minimizing the cost and stress that you face. Please do not hesitate to call our Orlando family attorneys today at 407-645-3297 for more information about our services.

Struggling with child custody or a divorce? Not sure how to plan for you or a loved one’s elder care? If you are seeking legal representation contact Sperling Ducker PLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Call us at 407-645-3297 or send us a send us a message. Visit our Winter Park and Orlando office. Sperling Ducker serves Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Garden, Winter Park and Winter Springs and surrounding areas.

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