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Claiming your Child as a Dependent on your Taxes After your Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

It is not uncommon for a divorced parent to wonder if he or she can claim his or her child as a dependent on his or her tax returns. Being able to claim a child as a dependent can help a lot at tax time: each dependent means a deduction of $4,050 on the… Read More »


How to Determine if your Divorce is Impacting your Child’s Mental Health (And How to Help)

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

A divorce can be difficult on every member of a family. Children, even very young children, are perceptive to their parents’ conflicts and can feel stressed about the changes to their lives that come with a divorce. The reality of potentially having to move, no longer seeing each parent every day, possibly meeting their… Read More »


Dividing your Home in your Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

In most divorce cases, the couple’s home is their largest asset. Dividing a home in a divorce can be a contentious process, not only because of the monetary value of the home but because of the emotional value it has to the couple and their children. There are a few different strategies divorcing couples… Read More »


How Can I Prepare for my Collaborative Divorce?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

If you and your spouse can work amicably together to discuss the terms of your divorce settlement, you could be candidates for a collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, the couple and their individual lawyers work together to create a divorce settlement without involving the court. Generally, this makes the divorce process easier, less… Read More »


Sexual Abuse as a Form of Domestic Violence

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Domestic violence comes in many forms: physical, financial, emotional, psychological, and sexual. Each of these categories can contain “gray areas,” behaviors that abusers and victims alike might not realize are acts of abuse. To determine if an act is one of sexual abuse, ask yourself if you consented to the act. If you did… Read More »


I Am a Grandparent. What are my Rights to my Grandchildren?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

As a grandparent, you probably cherish the relationships you have with your grandchildren. When an issue like your child’s divorce, death, or court involvement with your grandchildren’s lives threatens to sever this bond, it is important that you understand your rights as a grandparent and how to legally exercise them. Many people do not… Read More »


Overcoming Bias Against your Gender in Timesharing Determinations

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Although your gender is not permitted to play a role in determining your share of your child’s parenting time following your divorce, bias exists and can work against men seeking equal or full custody of their children. Many men assume that they will not be given their fair share of parenting time with their… Read More »


Does my Child Need a Lawyer’s Help to Get the Education He or She Needs?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Possibly. If your child is not receiving the support he or she needs from his or her school, you might need to work with a special education lawyer to pursue legal action to secure an appropriate Individualized Education Program (IEP) for him or her. Although this might not seem like an area where a… Read More »


Four Tips for Using Social Media While your Divorce is Pending

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

We live in a world where our online interactions are as frequent and as meaningful as those we conduct face to face. Many of these interactions take place on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which allow us to share our thoughts and images of our lives with hundreds, even thousands of followers…. Read More »


Issues to Consider if Medicaid is Part of your Future Care Plan

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Many Americans rely on Medicaid, the federal health care program that provides health insurance and other benefits to low income and disabled individuals, to fund part or all of their long term care needs. For these individuals, Medicaid planning is an important part of estate planning. If you are considering using Medicaid to fund… Read More »

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