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Four Mistakes to Avoid with your Collaborative Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Choosing a collaborative divorce over ending your marriage in the courtroom can save you time, money, and stress. Simply making the choice to divorce this way is not a guarantee that the divorce will be easy, though. You can make mistakes during your collaborative divorce that set the process back, cost you money, and… Read More »


Should I Get a Paternity Test?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

If you are not sure about your child’s parentage, yes. There are legal reasons why a parent would have his or her child’s paternity determined as well as personal and medical reasons. Even if you are not looking to establish parental rights to a child, having a paternity test performed can help you determine… Read More »


Collaborative Divorce for Unconventional Circumstances

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Every marriage is unique. Logically, this means that every divorce is unique, even though they generally involve the same issues to settle, such as how the couple’s property is divided and how the couple with handle co-parenting after the divorce. There is no one-size-fits-all divorce method, and when couples try to force their divorces… Read More »


Is Collaborative Divorce Better than Mediation?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Collaborative divorce and mediation are two forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that divorcing couples can use to complete the divorce process. One is not inherently “better” than the other, but one can be a better fit for your divorce. Which type of ADR is better for your divorce depends on your relationship with… Read More »


Working Out the Terms of your Spousal Support Agreement in a Collaborative Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is an issue that arises in many Florida divorces. It is the money one partner pays to the other after their divorce, generally for a fixed period of time but sometimes, until the receiving spouse remarries or either partner dies. This money is intended to help the spouse… Read More »


Talking to your Spouse About Collaborative Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

When you have reached a point in your marriage where you know it is over, it is not always easy to have calm, grounded conversations with your partner. But if you can manage to speak with him or her amicably, you can make the divorce process much easier for yourselves. One significant way you… Read More »


Why Are Second and Subsequent Marriages More Likely to End in Divorce?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

You might have heard that an individual’s second, third, or later marriage is more likely to end in divorce than his or her first marriage. This is true. People enter their second and later marriages with different perspectives than they had in their first marriages. They can see red flags and conflicts more easily… Read More »


My Collaborative Divorce is Not Working the Way I Thought it Would. What Can I Do?

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

Many couples pursue collaborative divorce because it eliminates the stresses of going to court while saving them money. It also allows the couple to retain a higher level of control over the details of their divorce, such as how their property is divided. Because collaborative divorce requires the couple to cooperate and compromise, it… Read More »


Claiming your Child as a Dependent on your Taxes After your Divorce

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

It is not uncommon for a divorced parent to wonder if he or she can claim his or her child as a dependent on his or her tax returns. Being able to claim a child as a dependent can help a lot at tax time: each dependent means a deduction of $4,050 on the… Read More »


How to Determine if your Divorce is Impacting your Child’s Mental Health (And How to Help)

By Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. |

A divorce can be difficult on every member of a family. Children, even very young children, are perceptive to their parents’ conflicts and can feel stressed about the changes to their lives that come with a divorce. The reality of potentially having to move, no longer seeing each parent every day, possibly meeting their… Read More »

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